Cheryl C. M. Siran Running for Bencher of the LSO

We are pleased to announce that Cheryl is running for Bencher of the Law Society of Ontario.

Benchers are the name for the individuals elected to the LSO Board of Directors, who govern the profession. Benchers gather most months in a meeting called “Convocation” and play a critical role in the governance of the Law Society and the regulation of Ontario‚Äôs legal professions in the public interest.

Cheryl’s Election Statement is as follows:

The best protection for the public interest is a strong, healthy and competent bar. To accomplish this, we need Benchers who bring diverse viewpoints to the table and appreciate the daily realities of practicing in Ontario. I bring the perspective of a mid-level lawyer from a small firm the north, who knows the business of law, the value of innovation and the fundamental importance of providing access to justice to the public.

With half my practice as a solicitor, I appreciate the concerns of solicitors about the demands of this work, and the vital role we play in maintaining the fabric of communities across Ontario. I believe more solicitor representation is needed at Convocation to ensure that proposed changes to policies that affect everyday realities of practice will bring useful and needed improvement, not just increased regulation.

The LSO must also be a leader in transformative and innovative technologies that facilitate the efficient delivery of services. We need to think differently about the practice of law, and with that, how we govern ourselves, in order to properly prepare for the future. I am up to that job. I have operated a paperless office since 2011 and am constantly working to improve my delivery of legal services.

Through my leadership roles in the Federation of Ontario Law Associations (CDLPA), I have gained an understanding of the respective roles of the LSO, its justice partners, and government in addressing the issues facing the profession and the public.

I have strong and proven experience in addressing legal issues faced by the profession and am practical in my approach to problem-solving. I can bring fresh perspective and ideas to the table from the voice of a younger practitioner, a voice that I believe is currently underrepresented. I will challenge that status quo if necessary. If elected, I hope to advocate in Convocation for policy changes that will continue to lead us into the future.

We are pleased to support our partner and hope you will do the same! You can contact Cheryl at our offices at 807-468-9831 or email her at